Justin Bieber Proves He is Dumber than Ashton Kutcher

It is funny that Justin Bieber has Ashton Kutcher as a friend and mentor. It is like the blind leading the blind. The more Justin opens his mouth the more we see he is just as much an idiot as his buddy Kutcher. Justin was recently on The Late Show with David Letterman.

The brainless Beiber commented his singing career has taken him to every continent. Letter threw the moronic musician a softball and asked “How many continents are there?” . Instead of answering with a number, which was the desired answer, Justin started rambling off a mix of continents and countries. Justin rifled off: “Asia, North America, South America, er, Africa, Antarctica and the North Pole. Err, Canada.

Wait a minute, Isn’t Justin Bieber from Canada? He doesn’t know Canada is a country and not a continent? Where does he think he is from the country of Newfoundland? This kid needs to take a bit of time off touring to start studying.

I at first thought that this may have been a 4th or 5th grade question Justin Bieber was asked, making him quite the moron. With a bit of research I have discovered that ” identifying the United States and learning about continents and oceans.” is part of the first grade curriculum.

What a little retard this kid is.