Guitar Gear Review: Pedaltrain Pedal Boards Protect Your Investment

If you have been following this site it will come to no surprise to you that I am a pedal junkie. My eclectic taste in music “force” me to keep 4 overdrive/distortion pedals, 2 delays, 3 modulation pedals, a pitch shifter, a wah and an expression pedal on my effects board. The funny thing is most of the time my signal is pretty straight forward and dry.

For years I have relied on plywood pedal boards to drag these pedals around. The problem with using wood is, wood that is too light will eventually break. When you start constructing with 3/4 plywood your board can get heavy quick. The smart alternative is to buy an aftermarket pedal board, I suggest you first look at Pedaltrain.

Where Pedaltrain has plywood and other off-the-shelve pedal boards beat is their design. Other off-the-shelve boards are just that, a board with a power supply not much different than my plywood contraption. Pedaltrain uses lightweight aluminum for its design, I was able to pick up the Pedaltrain Pro with a single finger.

Pedaltrain not only has taken care of the weight issue but also the cable clutter on you board. If you look at my old board there are cables mapped all over the place. You might also notice on my old board my beloved MXR Distortion+ and my tuner are absent, I had run out of room. To gain even more pedal board real estate you can purchase a power supply to mount out of the way on these awesome boards.

The Pedaltrain has room underneath to house many power supplies including the Eventide PowerFactor. The Eventide PowerFactor has 10 outlets configured in 8 isolated sections. You can additionally power up to three of Eventide’s award winning stompboxes with the PowerFactor. Making this even more attractive is Eventide’s 5-year warranty on the PowerFactor. With my power now under the board I now have room for extra pedals.

Pedaltrain gives you two options for protecting and carrying you beloved pedals. Pedaltrain boards come in a tour ready road case or a heavy duty cordura nylon gig bag. The gig bag
not only carries your Pedaltrain but also has a pocket to carry your additional accessories. The cases also keep your pedals protected and dust free when not in use, protecting your investment.

Pedaltrain has boards in a variety of sizes. The 21x7x1 inches Pedaltrain Mini has a street price of around $69.95 with the cordura nylon gig bag. The mini is great for those of you with just a few pedals. I am planning on picking up a Pedaltrain Mini for my “jamming” board that has 3 basic pedals on it, tuner, overdrive and delay. The “big boy” 32x16x3.5 inches Pedaltrain Pro has a street price of $159.00 with the gig bag. The Pedaltrain Pro has become part of my gig arsenal, this gives Pedaltrain our esteemed Editor’s Choice Award.

Pedaltrain is all upside. This is the last pedal board you will have to build or buy. Solid construction, easy cable routing and the awesome gig bag make this a must buy for you pedal junkies.