Guitar Gear Review: Source Audio Programmable EQ Adds A Whole New Library Of Tone

A good EQ is an oft-overlooked addition to a beginner’s or even pro’s guitar rig. While you can obviously shape your sound with the tone knobs on your amp, you can’t get the granularity an EQ gives. Having 7 bands of frequency control gives you a lot more options than bass, mids and treble. I don’t want to get into a complicated diatribe about various amp models and tone stacks today. What I do want to point out it most tone controls in amps are designed to cut or roll off frequencies. An EQ also gives you the ability to boost signal creating a world of sonic options.

The first EQs for guitar didn’t even have an on/off switch. You would find one tone you liked, set it and forget it. The new Source Audio Programmable EQ is a manifestation of how far we have come with these o’ so valuable pedals.

Source Audio has managed to pack features typically reserved for bulkier rack gear into a compact floor unit. The major advantage this box has over it’s competitors is there are 4 presets. All of the presets are easily assessable via the pedals foot switch. This opens up a world of tone for you metal and shred player out there. Imagine being able to drive the bass on your amp without getting murky, muddy lows. Pop a switch and you now have a great midrange tone to help your guitar leads cut through the mix.

The pedal is great for guitar players of all disciplines; especially those that want to add some pop and sparkle to a clean tone like jazz, blues and country players. The Programmable EQ delivers a generous boost of up to 12dB. You can also use this to push and break-up your amp a bit. The boost can also be used to give your already overdriven tone an extra kick in the ass.

Yet another feature of the Source Audio Programmable EQ is it’s midi input. This gives you the ability to synch theProgrammable EQ with your POD or Eventide stompboxes and coordinate your EQ settings with specific effects. Like all Source Audio stompboxes this gem has a very reasonable street price. For only $149.00 you can add a whole new library of tones to you current amp or distortion settings.