Last Call – NFL Week 14 Expert Picks and Predictions Contest

This is your final notice to review our expert NFL week 14 picks and predictions and to enter your own so you can win some great prizes. At this point, with only a few hours left to go in week 11 voting, there are four games being disagreed with by the members… but some of them are still close enough to the 50/50 mark to slide to the agree side before kickoff.

The collective membership REALLY doesn’t like the House pick of the Rams over the Seahawks, disagreeing by a 75-25 margin. The other three games are much tighter. At this point, per the voting, the members DO NOT agree that the Texans can beat the Bengals, the Jags can beat the Bucs or the Cowboys can beat the Giants.

Assuming the four disagreed picks stand, and three of them do not go the way our expert predicted, then the member with the most correct picks will win the prize pack of movies and AXE products. Yes, it is that simple! You can’t win if you can’t play so visit the Beat the House entry page and enter your picks now before voting ends at the kickoff of the first game.

Including this week, there are only FOUR more weeks of the 2011 NFL season! Once the Playoffs start, it is a whole new ballgame for prizes at the TMRzoo! They become four contests rolled into one. Stay tuned.

Good luck!