NFL Week 15 Deadly-Accurate Expert Picks and Predictions and Week 14 Recap

Our Week 15 “expert” NFL picks and predictions have been posted and are available for your viewing pleasure on our “Beat the House” contest page. Remember, there are games on Thursday and Saturday this week. Make sure you get your picks in prior to the kickoff of the Thursday game if you want credit for all 16 picks this week. Voting will stay open until Sunday, but you won’t get credit for the Thursday and Saturday games if you enter after their kickoffs.

The week 14 and season recap is in the chart below. There were 4 picks disagreed with by the membership last week. The House came out to a hot start by winning the first two, but the membership was correct on the later two picks, splitting the week 14 picks. Since the House was only tied, not beaten, there is no winner for week 14.

Click Here To See Our Week 15 “Beat the House” Picks and Predictions

The final tallies for week 14 and the updated season stats are:

* The House Madden Sim Members
Week 14: 12-4 10-6 12-4
2011 Overall: 128-80 122-86 137.5-70.5

The overall tally in 2011 now is Members 6.5, House 5.5, Madden NFL Sim 2.

Votes are already pouring in for week 15 so make sure you enter yours before the final deadline… kickoff of the 1:00pm EST games on Sunday, but any entries received after the Thursday and Saturday games start will not get credit for those games.

Good Luck! Only three more chances to win in the 2011 regular season!