Casey Anthony is Offered a Starring Movie Role in an Independent Film

Since joining I have taken on a ton of responsibilities. Not only am I accountable for blogging, I also get lunches for the TMR executive staff and once in a while clean the monkey cages. Still my most cherished task her at TMR is making videos. Hell one day I hope to be a famous director like Steven Spielberg or Ron Howard, then I will make some real bank. I hear those guys make $30 or $40 bucks an hour!

You can see a bunch of my movies on the TMR Zoo YouTube page. They are cool videos but it is time for me to branch out a bit. I am thinking for my next picture I would like to shoot an action movie on location here in Yazoo, Mississippi. I can use my trailer for most of the interior scenes but seeing this is going to be an action film we will do a bit of shooting out at Panther Swamp.

I have a pretty good script already that the guy in the next trailer wrote. He can pump out the pages like hellfire even though he has been sick for a while. Our deal is, I go to different stores in Yazoo to buy him cold and allergy medicine and he writes the script for me. He also gets a cameo and a piece of the backend.

So if I am to make this happen I need a bit of star-power. I am looking to have Casey Anthony star in my movie. She doesn’t have to get naked or nude or nothing it is not that kind of movie. I am a respectable director not a xxx porn king. Momma don’t let me have sex in the trailer anyway, so a sextape anit gonna happen. Believe me I’ve tried.

I will expect Casey Anthony to get in a bikini for a few shots, I hope she no longer has the bacne.

So if Casey Anthony reads this here is the deal. I don’t have a huge budget but I am looking to make this happen. During the shooting you can stay in my trailer here in Yazoo Mississippi. You are going to have to pay for your own meals but I will give you a beer allowance. Hope you like Natty Ice. There is one part in the script where you have to eat a bug but we can talk about that later.

So if anyone is in contact with Casey Anthony point her in my direction it is time for her close-up.