Miley Cyrus Topless / Nip Slip / Wardrobe Malfunction Photo? (PIC)

We’re not buying this one, but who are we to keep you from receiving the most important news. The photo posted at at the link below has been burning up the internet as of late. It features what appears to be Miley Cyrus topless in a wardrobe change. No it is not a nip slip or wardrobe malfunction, this one is allegedly Miley pulling her top down. The word is that Mily Cyrus was changing in a VIP area of an unknown club in Spain.

The photo is supposedly from the same batch of pics that were hacked from Cyrus’ cell phone last year… so why is a topless pic just hitting the web now? There is much to debate over the photo, but we’ll let you do that, we’re just posting it. You can see the censored photo at the link below, but if you click the pic on that page, you’ll see the actual nipplage:

Are you finished yet?

Chime in with your authenticity (or lackthereof) theories in the comments section below. We certainly believe that this pic is a fake. While you are in the mood for boobage and such, also check out all of the other great nip slips we have featured over the years at the TMRzoo, including the infamous Maria Menounos bikini bottom malfunction, which has been making it’s rounds on the interwebs again as of late.