Victor Cruz Could Be Leaving Tomorrow’s Playoff Game on a Stretcher

Tomorrow’s New York Giants v. Atlanta Falcon’s game will be a blood bath. Our friends at are reporting that the Falcon’s Ray Edward’s girlfriend, model Lastarya has stepped out on him with NY Giant’s receiver Victor Cruz. For those of you that don’t fully grasp the sport of Football this means that both men will be on the field at the same time.

Not only will the two be interacting with each other but Ray Edwards whom is a defensive beast and a professional boxer (WTF is Cruz thinking?) will have more than one opportunity to legally clean Victor Cruz’s clock. How willing will the Giant’s star receiver be to open up his ribs for Edwards going for a high ball?

The other question is how willing will Ray Edwards be to take a fine for a devastating hit on the man that is allegedly bedding his ex. I am thinking very willing. The smartest thing for the Giants to do Sunday will be to use Cruz on long, wide routes far away from Edwards. The first shovel pass Victor Cruz catches five yards off the line of scrimmage may be his last.

From MTO: Tomorrow’s NY Giants-Atlanta Falcons playoff game was going to be GOOD. Now it’s going to be REAL GOOD!!

The feud just got personal!!! spoke with a female ACQUAINTANCE of video model Lastarya – who was the LONGTIME GIRLFRIEND of Falcons STAR Defensive End Ray Edwards.

Well we learned EXCLUSIVELY that Ray and Lastarya BROKE UP earlier this week.
What happened? Well it’s not clear. But the STREETS are saying that he broke into her PHONE . . . and saw that she was sending very INAPPROPRIATE direct messages to the Giants STAR RECEIVER Victor Cruz!!!

Media Take Out has more pictures and screen caps of Latoya’s Facebook page here. I am sure they will have more as this story develops. For now please enjoy these pics of Lastarya and this video of Ray Edwards in action… WFT was Cruz thinking?