Hazel Jones Talks About Her Two Vaginas On UK TV (Video)

This is some interesting video about a UK woman who has a very special whohah. She has a medical condition that effects 1/3000 women. Hazel Jones has two count ’em, two vaginas. The woman explains that not only did she lose he virginity twice but she also has different menstrual cycles. This means she is probably twice a bitchy as other women.

Though this interview may be tamed down for the telly in the UK. I was waiting for the interviewer to ask her if she has ever been carried home like a six pack from the pub. She was also never asked it she liked it in all 4 inputs.

The woman with this condition 27 year old Hazel stated she didn’t know she had this condition until she was 18 years old and had a steady boyfriend. He was the first to alert her to the abnormality hiding under her skirt. I would imagine the young British lad was a bit puzzled.

The big question is how the hell do you do a shocker on this woman? It has to be a two hand process. Four in the pink and two in the stink…or would it be four in the pink and one in the stink? Someone get back to me on this.