Leif Garrett Still Alive at 50

With the passing of Penn State Coach Joe Paterno we thought we would check in on our buddy Leif Garrett. Joe Pareno passed away at 85 years of age still he looked better than the haggard 50 year old Leif Garrett. I know a lot of you are thinking what the hell does Leif Garrett have to do with NCAA Football or Penn State…the answer is nothing. But auto racing is a sport and lord knows Leif Garrett knows how to step on the gas in a sports car.

So to our surprise Leif is still alive and still sober. For you kids out there wondering who this Leif Garrett guy is, I will explain. Leif is the “actor’ you have seen on the show ” World’s Dumbest Criminals ” and “Dr Drew’s Celebrity Rehab” the irony here is Leif Garrett is actually one of Hollywood’s Dumbest Criminals. Leif’s rap sheet is longer than Sarah Jessica Parker’s face.

But alas Leif is working…I guess? His website doesn’t list any upcoming list any gigs but I get the felling sooner or later he will be returning to Celebrity Rehab or COPS. To quote the Leif himself “I smoked heroin for six years. Kicking the habit? Hard wasn’t the word for it”. Leif needs to understand a junkie never “kicks” to quote Mark “Rent-boy” Renton from Trainspotting “This was to be my final hit, but let’s be clear about this. There’s final hits and final hits. What kind was this to be?”

I wonder if Leif will see 51?