Sony PlayStation Vita May Be $300, But Costs $160 To Make

While some have howled at the price of the Vita as well as the proprietary memory sticks ($40 for the lowest memory space stick), it isn’t costing nearly as much to manufacture.

According to IGN:

A report by UBM Tech Insights, breaks down the components in the Vita, which add up to an estimated value of $160.

The Vita is available in two SKUs, at $250 for WiFi-only and $300 for 3G. This means that if estimates are true, Sony could be making as much as $90 in profit on the system’s WiFi-only model, and $140 from the 3G model.

The 3DS components are even cheaper, and even though its price was slashed to $170, Nintendo’s handheld costs only $100 to produce.

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