Ex Philadelphia Eagles Linebacker Jeremiah Trotter Joins 62 More Players in Concussion Lawsuit

Another mass federal lawsuit has been filed in Philadelphia on Friday, continuing the fight against the NFL by former players for concussion-related dementia and brain disease.

The latest lawsuit is one of the largest to date and names over 62 former players and 30 of their wives. The players include Seth Joyner, former linebacker for the Philadelphia Eagles, Arizona Cardinals, Green Bay Packers and Denver Broncos. Jeremiah Trotter, linebacker with the Philadelphia Eagles. Bob Landsee, former Eagle and the current owner of the Milwaukee Mustangs of the Arena Football League. Some of the other former players involved in the suit include center Steve Everitt, defensive tackle Andy Harmon, defensive lineman Glen Steele, linebacker Michael Stonebreaker, center Dave Alexander, running back Gary Ellerson, defensive back William Frizzelle, running back Richard Bielski, offensive lineman Leo Goeas, cornerback Jerry Holmes, as well 48 other players.

The complaint alleges fraud and negligence against the NFL and accuses the league of hiding medical evidence about the risks of concussions and failing to warn players they risked permanent brain injury if they returned to play too soon after they had sustained a concussion.

“Thе NFL knew аbουt thе debilitating аnd permanent effects οf head injuries аnd concussions thаt regularly occur аmοng professional
players, уеt ignored аnd actively concealed those risks,” ѕаіd Gene Locks, one of the attorneys representing the players.

Craig Mitnick, who represents over 100 players and is Locks co-counsel to the suit, said “the NFL concussion issue is one whose time has come after being covered up, profitably hidden for many decades. It is long overdue,” Mitnick said.

Britt Hager, a former linebacker for the Philadelphia Eagles and Denver Broncos commented, “If the NFL knew that our futures were at risk and covered that medical evidence up, shame on them, they need to do what is right by us.”

All court filing can be viewed at www.playerinjury.com