Leif Garrett Still Alive at 50

With the passing of singer Whitney Houston, we are once aging compelled to check in on Leif Garrett. Surprisingly Lief is still alive. Looking crapier than ever, but yes he is alive. We were not sure at first but a closer look tells us clinically we have to call him alive. Vegas odds say Leif is most likely the next child star to be found face down in a pool of his own vomit but still he seems to march on.

What keeps this guy going, he is like Michael Meyers from those Halloween movies. At this point most of his major organs must be shot from the heroin and alcohol abuse. How the hell does this guy out live Whitney Houston and Corey Feldman? Wait was it Corey Feldman or Corey Hain that died? It could have been Danny Bonaduce, all of those 70’s and 80’s jack-offs are interchangeable in my opinion.

So scratch one talented singer from our mortal coil, leaving us with the douchbag from Tigerbeat Magazine that sang “I Was Made for Dancing”. Kurt Cobain is worm food but this spaz continues to work supermarket openings. It just doesn’t seem right.

I get the feeling we won’t have to report on Leif Garret much longer. He is due for a relapse and smart money does not have him showing up for the 2013 Rehab with Dr. Drew Reunion Show. That would mean we would have to start following Jan Michael Vincent around for these updates.