Guitar Gear: Hands on Review – Planet Waves American Stage Cables

One of the most overlooked pieces of equipment a musicians uses is his cables. Spend all that you want on a guitar and amp, the tone will only be as good as the signal connecting them. Choosing cable can be a bit perplexing. Most music retailer and websites will have tons of options. Adding to this conundrum is pricing. A 10 foot guitar cable can retail for anywhere from $5 dollars to $125.

D’Addario has made choosing a cable a lot easier with their new American Stage cables from Planet Waves. A few features make these cables stand out among their peers.

The in-line solder process utilizes modern micro flame technology and specially formulated RoHS compliant solder to create a permanent bond between wire and connector, creating unsurpassed strain relief and durability.

The connectors are designed by Planet Waves and built by Neutrik in their state-of-the-art facility in Lichtenstein, using the highest quality components available. The flexible cable construction provides reduced tangling, effortless handling and uncoils easily. Finally, the innovative patented Geo-Tip provides a seamless and secure connection in any instrument, pedal or amp jack.

In putting this cable to the test, I used it with several different guitars and amp combos. I was most impressed with not only the clarity of the cable but the lows of my guitar seemed to boom. The highs were clear and very articulate. Even with my old Telecaster in the neck position running through a vintage effect the line noise was nonexistent.

I tested the cable next with my electric mandolin. The American Stage cable solved two of my biggest issues with my mandolin. First, the mandolin has a single coil pickup that can be a bit noisy. With the American Stage cable, I got the quietest connection I have ever had with this instrument. Secondly, cables for some reason do not sit securely in the jack of the mandolin. The Geo-Tip on the American Stage cable gave me an insuring “click” as the cable was inserted letting me know I have a solid and secure connection. 

These are high quality cables with premium components at bargain pricing. Stop second-guessing where your tone is lacking and pick up a couple of these gems today. American Stage cables are the least expensive major upgrade you can make to your tone.