Rick’s Cabaret Girls Join In On the Jeremy Lin Linsanity (PICS)

It’s hard to ready any sports publication, column or website these days without seeing at least someone mentioning New York Knicks guard Jeremy Lin. Anybody that has any kind of opinion on sports is partaking in the Jeremy Lin phenomenon. Just like Tim Tebow took over the second half of the 2011 NFL season with Tebow-mania, the latest craze is “Linsanity”.

Linsanity has reached every corner of New York and everyone seems to be getting excited… even the dancers at Rick’s Cabaret. That’s right, the girls from the favorite gentlemen’s club of the Howard Stern show staff have gone “Linsane”.

“We love the Knicks, and Jeremy Lin is amazing,” said Sky, a dancer at the famous midtown Manhattan gentlemen’s club. “He’s done so much for the team. I think everyone here in New York has got the linsanity.” “He’s linvincible,” said Rick’s Cabaret Girl Anna. “I would like a lintroduction to him. I find him lintriguing,” she explained. “I’m wearing his #17 jersey, and its so easy to strip out of,” she cooed.

“We support Lin and the Knicks. Anyone bringing their ticket stub after a Knick game will get complimentary admission here at the club,” said Rick’s Cabaret Girl Alex.

You can go to Rick’s yourself and discuss Jeremy Lin and the Knicks in person with all the girls, but in the meantime, enjoy the pics of the girls below. Click any thumbnail image to see the full-sized version:

The photos above are courtesy of Rick’s Cabaret, New York. To make sure you don’t miss out on the party at Rick’s NYC, check out their webpage at Ricks.com.