Christina Hendricks and Olivia Munn Both Have Nude Photos Hacked Off Their Phones (PICS)

Christina Hendricks and Olivia Munn seems to be the latest celebrities to have their cell phones hacked. Alleged pictures of a nude Olivia Munn appeared on that includes a full frontal shot. While this is not the first time Olivia Munn has been photographed naked, it has been a while since her nude debut in Playboy.

Oliva Munn has shot to stardom of late due to the success of movies like Ironman 2 and Cowboys and Aliens. But it is not these blockbusters Olivia’s fans are clamoring for. Her G4 fanboys are hoping there is a sextape or explicit photos on the hacked phone.

The hackers must be working over time today because Christina Hendricks phone was hacked also. There were also alleged nude pictures of Christina Hendricks on her phone. While Christina Hendricks says the topless pictures are not her; I am sure we will be able to tell if they are of the busty Mad Men actress when they surface.

So for now here are the Olivia Munn shots we will post the Christina Hendricks boob photos when we can find a decent link to them.

UPDATE: Here are Christina Hendricks boob photos