John Carter Star Lynn Collins Has a History of Nudity on Film (Video)

Mr. Skin takes a look at John Carter star Lynn Collins in this most recent Mr. Skin minute. While Collins does not get nude in John Carter she did drop the laundry for a naked sex scene on HBO’s True Blood. Mr. Skin is quick to point out there is no Tru Fur seen in the shot but all else is visible including Lynn Collins full moon.

Mr. Skin also looks at the HBO series Game of Thrones, a gold mine of boobs, butts and nipples. At some point it seems every female character has a sex scene. The tits are swinging more than the swords in the period fantasy epic…and that is a good thing.

Finally, Mr. Skin looks back at Demi Moore in Striptease now on blu ray. This is the film where Demi Moore took her surgically altered post baby breasts out for a ride around the block. Her tits have more plastic in them than a Corvette. That is not a bad thing we all like Corvettes don’t we?

So you can see if all here at in their post Does Lynn Collins Get Blast Off In JOHN CARTER Like In True Blood? Check out to get the lowdown on John Carter Star Lynn Collins, Game of Thrones, Demi Moore in Striptease and a hell of a lot more naked celebrities.