Vitamin D2 vs. D3: D2 Could Do You More Harm Than Good.

Most people are not aware that there are two types of vitamin D, and they are not interchangeable. In fact if you are taking vitamin D2 it could do you more harm than good.

A recent meta-analysis looked at mortality rates for people who supplemented their diets with D2 versus those who did so with D3, highlighting the significant differences between the two. The analysis of 50 randomized controlled trials, which included a total of 94,000 participants, showed:

A six percent relative risk reduction among those who used vitamin D3, and A two percent relative risk increase among those who used D2.

Dr. Oz recommends taking additional vitamin D. To learn more about the benefits of this supplement click here.

Vitamin D3 is an important supplement for overall health but make sure you are taking D3 rather than D2.

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