Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at Rick’s Cabaret New York (PICS)

When it comes to bars and clubs, there are plenty of choices for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day… or is there? Why not honor St. Pat at the favorite gentleman’s club of the Howard Stern Show Staff… Rick’s Cabaret in New York City. The girls are waiting for you, and ready to party.

Rick’s Cabaret New York Girl Sydney is ready for St. Patrick’s Day. “I’ve got a green flower for my hair and a couple of green accessories,” the sexy blonde (32DD-23-32) explained. “St. Patrick’s is a fun time–people are drinking, partying–what’s not to like?”

Among Sydney’s interests: “It depends on my mood. I like working out, I like dancing, and sometimes I just want to curl up with a good book,” she cooed. “I will be at Rick’s Cabaret New York during St. Pat’s week. Maybe I will wear a green gown, but I’ll gladly take it off for you,” she promised.

If Sydney’s words aren’t enough to convince you, how about these…

The photos above are courtesy of Rick’s Cabaret, New York. To make sure you don’t miss out on the next party at Rick’s NYC, check out their webpage at Ricks.com