Peyton Manning Drama Puts Alex Smith in Play for the Miami Dolphins

As we predicted at the beginning of the Peyton Manning soap opera Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross was not able to get the Peyton Manning deal done. Just like the John Fox and Jim Harbaugh negotiations, Stephen Ross fell short. Ross’ disadvantage could be, Stephen Ross is an absentee owner living in New York managing a South Florida football team. Alternatively, it could simply come down to the cold hard truth that Stephen Ross is a horrible NFL owner. The Miami Dolphins handling of coach Sparano’s contract was and embarrassment. The organization’s negotiations with then rookie prospect Dez Bryant were just as jaw dropping. I get the feeling that most of Miami’s Quarterback problems exist in the head office not on the field.

Peyton Manning out of the running for the Miami Dolphins job puts a few names in play for the position. Tim Tebow, Matt Flynn, and now Alex Smith’s names are all being mentioned for the Miami Dolphins Quarterback job. Of those three, Alex Smith is the only proven talent. With the San Francisco 49ers playing footsie with Payton Manning, Alex Smith is taking his show on the road to ensure he has a job next season.

Right now The Dolphins are in position for a considerable upgrade at the Quarterback position. Alex Smith had the 9th highest passer rating in the league last year. The same rating system has the Dolphins current QB option Matt Moore sitting at number 12, above Michael Vick, Cam Newton and far above the 28th rated Tim Tebow.

This morning Alex Smith is in South Beach as an unrestricted free agent. This means Stephen Ross can sign Smith today without giving up any compensation to San Francisco. All Stephen Ross needs to do is convince Alex Smith Miami is a contender and put an attractive offer on the table. So all eyes turn to Stephen Ross again, can he close the deal and sign a top 10 quarterback? On the other hand, is this yet another NFL player, coach, or administrator using Stephen Ross to drive up their price in another market? Either way I doubt Stephen Ross can get the job done.

UPDATE: Peter King is reporting Matt Flynn has agreed to a deal with Seattle. That makes signing Alex Smith that much more important for Miami