Kim Kardashian Is Flour Bombed on the Red Carpet (VIDEO)

It doesn’t appear that any celebrity is safe on the red carpet any longer. Not too long after Ryan Seacrest was coated with the ashes of Kim Jon Il at the Oscars, Kim Kardashian was bombed at a launch event for her new perfume.

The Ryan Seacrest substance was only corn starch and Kim Kardashian was bombed with flour. In the video below, the camera isn’t focused on her, but you can see her powdery head and shocked expression in the lower portion of the frame. During the incident, her mom keeps posing for photographers, not even realizing what is going on. Vapid, anyone?

So will this be the new trend? Are those untouchable celebrities finally “touchable”? I’m sure with a little practice you can hit anyone with a small bag of flour from any distance… especially if you can sneak closer posing as a photographer.

Check it all out in the video below. The clip is via E Online and can be seen there in its entirety:

We usually post photos and video of another “activity” featuring the Kardashian girls, but this one was too good not to share.