Casey Anthony gets Guest Appearance on ABC’s Modern Family

ABC Family Television announced today that Casey Anthony has been signed to do 4 episodes of the hit comedy Modern Family. The role has Casey Anthony being hired as nanny for Cameron Tucker and Mitchell Pritchett played respectively by Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

At the press junket introducing Casey Anthony as one of the cast, Jesse Tyler Ferguson reveled a bit of the storyline. Casey Anthony’s character moves in with same sex couple Cam and Mitchell as a live in Au pair for their adopted baby Lilly. Feeling overly comfortable with the gay men, Casey will be parading around the house in front of Cam and Mitchell in very reveling outfits.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson explained that Casey Anthony causes heterosexual arousal to manifest in his character Mitchell Pritchett causing some hilarious interactions and sexual tension.

ABC VP of family programming Phil McRakin acknowledged the controversy this may cause but was quick to add this was not the first controversial guest star on Modern Family.

In 2010 alleged rapist and L.A. Lakers phonon Kobe Bryant had a cameo in the season-finale of ABC’s Modern Family. Phil McRakin was quick to add just like Kobe Bryant; Casey Anthony has never been convicted of a crime. Casey Anthony has only been convicted in the court of public opinion.

Casey Anthony said she is ecstatic for this fresh start. Anthony added that she has been taking acting lessons since being released from prison July 17 of last year. Casey went on to say she turned down the porn and nude modeling offers she got after her released from prison because she has her sights set on being a legitimate actor all her life.

Casey Anthony’s initial contract is $275,000 for 4 episodes, Phil McRakin was quick to add she could be added as a featured member of the cast if this works out.