Justin Bieber Selena Gomez Sex Tape Hacked From Cellphone (Video)

It seems lately no celebrity is safe from getting his or her cell phone hacked. One thing that is not too smart that celebrities have been doing with their smart phones in leaving sexually charged photos on them. The latest star to make this mistake is Justin Bieber’s main squeeze Selena Gomez.

The sextape does back one claim that Mariah Yeater, Justin Bieber’s alleged baby momma made during the recent paternity scandal. Mariah Yeater claimed that Justin Bieber “finished” in 30 seconds. This 1 minute 24 second sex tape shows that Justin truly is a minuteman.

All appearances seem to point out that the amateur porn was shot by accident. An insider told us that Selena Gomez sometimes gets bored having sex with Justin and will check her email and Twitter account during sex. This time around, she must have accidentally hit the record button on the phone’s video camera.

The tape is less than a minute and a half and as Mariah Yeater told us, Justin Bieber puts on a solid 43 second sexual performance. After which, he pops off of Selena Gomez and says ” I want ice cream…can you take me to get some ice cream?” During the 43 second sexual adventure there is no screaming baby, baby, baby from Selena Gomez. Selena does comment that she is close to 12 million Twitter followers and agrees to take Justin Bieber for ice cream.

There was a link to the NSFW sex tape here but we get the feeling it will be taken down soon.