Pope Crisco: Salvation Belgian Style Golden Ale by Avery Brewing

Well boys and girls, it’s a game night for the Dallas Stars, and your host is without a simple, throw-back beer. What is a fan of beer and the National Hockey League supposed to do? Well, obviously it would require that I negotiate listening to the game du jour against the Winnipeg Jets and enjoy a fine craft beer.

The beer I have decided to enjoy Salvation, a Belgian style golden ale by Avery Brewing Co located in Boulder, Colorado. Pouring the bomber into a glass chalice, this beverage pours out a nice, cloudy, golden orange hue. While a nice, white head forms atop the ale, it doesn’t last terribly long, and dissipates to a whisper of a dimes width.

Essences of light malts, citrus hops, and a mélange of fruit flavors carry on the aroma.

The first sip of this beer offers a malt body with a nice bitter backend that offers a nice medium bodied flavor profile. The opening profile of sweet apricot and banana notes are balanced by a light orange and nutmeg zest that keeps the beverage interesting as it’s consumed.

Being the first beer that I’ve enjoyed from this brewery, I am impressed, and looking forward to indulging in another bottle or two in the near future. I could only wish for a little bit more aggression in the carbonation and a bit more boldness in flavor.


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