Penthouse Pet Gina Lynn on the Howard Stern Show (PICS)

This morning on the Howard Stern Radio Show, Penthouse Pet and Adult Film Star Gina Lynn stopped by for another appearance. Gina is the cover girl for the April edition of Penthouse. In recent appearances, Gina would stop by with her husband, but we found out this morning that they are no longer together.

We found out a few new interesting tidbits about Gina during the interview… like the profile image on her Twitter account is a swastika. Apparently someone has hacked every single one of Gina accounts, including email and banking, and has been using them at will. The imposter has been posting interesting tweets, such as using the n-word and “I’m pregnant.” The thief has offered to surrender the accounts back if Gina will do a half hour Skype session with him. It’s as fishy as they come.

We also learned that Gina has a mystery guy she’s been seeing, who she was not allowed to identify. He apparently is famous and news of the relationship would hurt his business… or more likely, his marriage, since Gina didn’t know if he was married or not.

Below are some images of Gina, one from her appearance this morning, her pre-hacked Twitter account, her Penthouse cover, and a few other nice pics. click any thumbnail to see the full-sized version:

If you’d like to check out Gina Lynn’s hacked account, visit @theGinaLynn or her un-hacked website

Gina was asked by a caller if she would ride the Sybian, but she already had in a previous appearance. During the interview Howard mentioned that Gina was 38… wow.