Sweet News for Easter from Brossard Picks

Chris Brossard form Brossard Picks from just emailed me this great news: Abalone Series and Custom Ebony Racer big come back…back onto the Abalone quest, just got more incredible shells and after cutting and shaping all week I couldn’t resist to let the word out and have them back and available. What a “Sweet treat for Easter”

The Ebony Racer was actually one of my first custom models about ten years ago. Strips of Bloodwood on Ebony, great contrasts and the old fashion round and warm tone delivered by the Ebony.

Working on a Facebook “Fan Page” for Brossard Picks. You will be able to share your Brossard Picks experience, comments and photos. Find out about any news from the workshop and specials sales form the store. “Sweet Treat for Easter” gets you Up to 35% off at check out www.brossardpicks.com

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