Tank of Gas or Keg of Beer? Mmmm…? Beer is Now Cheaper Than Gas!

The Chicago Sun Times reported that gasoline prices in the Chicago area have shot up to the highest level ever recorded by AAA – a whopping $4.67 per gallon with some stores spotted closer to $5 per gallon. The Sun Times story also noted several items that are now less expensive than gas including champagne, soda pop and laundry detergent.

Now Rocco Shirts Chicago is adding to the list with its “Beer Is Cheaper Than Gas” shirt. “To fill up an average car with gas would cost you $84,” said Bernie DiMeo, owner of Rocco Shirts Chicago (www.roccoshirts.com). “If however you buy a keg of domestic beer the average cost is $75,” DiMeo said. “So our suggestion is Drink – Don’t Drive,” DiMeo said. “It’s not only a safety factor, it’s fiscally smart as well.”

SOURCE Rocco Shirts Chicago