Review: Driving the Getaway – The Road to Paul’s Pub

This is a great fan-made mini-doc about a young band called Driving the Getaway. What I love about this documentary is the author of the documentary Sean Jaillet, is quick to point out that this band has no presence on Google. By the time this review of the documentary posts I think that will have changed.

This film follows an incredibly tight and aggressive 4-piece band from Southern New Hampshire as they play their first gig in the north most suburbs of Boston. The Band is comprised of Sam Underwood on guitar and  secondary vocals, lead vocalist Eric Gesualdo, bassist Chris Ziegler and drummer Trevor Creed.

What I liked most about this band and the documentary is the rawness of the film and the performance. The passion in the music and lyrics is honest and driven. I was also impressed with the musicianship of these high school kids from the woods of NH.

The guitar riffs delivered by Sam Underwood are clear and powerful. Underwood uses his guitar to whip the crowd and his bandmates into a frenzy. Chris Ziegler’s bass playing paired drummer Trevor Creed give a freight train like feel to the band. The two of them form a thunderous rhythm section. As you can see from the video lead vocalist Eric Gesualdo is 110% raw emotion. He gives the presence of a seasoned rock veteran, not a first time gigger. That can be said for the whole band.

I will keep my eyes open for these guys, as should you. This is the first we have heard from Driving the Getaway – it definitely will not be the last.