Amanda Bynes Wears a See Through Top on Her Perp Walk

I think we have ourselves a new Lindsay Lohan. Amanda Bynes wore a see thru top to answer to her DUI charges. Thinking back to the array of form-fitting dresses Lilo wore to court, I can’t say I remember her wearing anything see through.

Amanda Bynes black lace bra is clearly visible in this shot…at least she had the sense to were a bra. Still, this is not the outfit you want to stroll into court in. Here in Yazoo Mississippi we go all out when summoned before the judge. The one time I was in court for allegedly stealing a porno of topless celebrities, I wore my best overalls. I guess I was just raised right.

If this is the first DUI for Amanda Bynes I imaging she will walk away from this unscathed. A bit of community service and a small fine. Probably a lot less than her bar tab the night she got busted. Speaking of busted can we get another look at that perp-walk picture.

So here it is the uncensored picture (click for larger image) you have been waiting for, Amanda Bynes heading towartd her 16th minute of fame. She isn’t naked yet, but she is heading in the right direction. I am gussing she will be on the internet naked by Labor Day…book it!