Jessie J Has a Wardrobe Malfunction as a Nipple Slips (PICS + Video)

British pop singer and Katy Perry clone, Jessica Ellen Cornish better known by her stage name Jessie J had a nip slip get past editors of her latest music video. LaserLight is the latest release her debut album Who You Are.

Here is a tip for Jessie J if you are going to steal the title of one of the most iconic disks in rock history, don’t have your album suck. I never heard of Jessie J. but in researching this column, I had to listen to two of the worst autotuned pieces of garbage I ever heard.

I am guessing this wardrobe malfunction won’t be big news in the U.K.. Amy Whinehouse’s tits were flying out all of the time, nothing new. Just another nip slip or topless photo. The British even have nude women on BBC. It is us American’s that are all uptight about being naked.

So for you uptight, overweight yanks here is a bit of British bobbie for you. Click here for the unedited pic.