Leif Garrett Still Alive At 50

I got the sad news today that America’s eternal teenager Dick Clark has passed away. This made me think about the many guests he had on American Bandstand, of course Leif Garrett came right to mind. I checked his website and I am guessing Leif is still alive. He hasn’t done a movie since 2005, but he must be doing some kind of work somewhere. I heard a rumor he is the guy in the chicken suit outside of KFC on Sunset Blvd. 

I was hoping to do an interview with Leif something like “Leif Garrett Remembers Dick Clark,” then I thought about it. Leif probably can’t remember the 90’s let alone the 80’s or 70’s! Leif Garrett’s brain has to be fried like a chimichanga from all of the Mexican brown heroin he did.

If you think Mexican food can back you up, you haven’t seen anything like constipation due to Mexican brown heroin. I am guessing between 2006 and 2010 Leif Garrett never took a real poop. Then again after seeing the “I Was Made for Dancing” video I knew Leif was full of crap. That guy can’t dance.

So today the music industry loses a legend…the person that blew glue on Nicolette Sheridan still walks the earth. O yeah and he does still look like shit, or maybe like he has been holding one in since 2006.