Maui Jim Reinvents Sunglass Lens Technology With Mauipure

Never settling for anything but the best technology, Maui Jim, Inc. will change the game in sunglass lenses with this spring’s arrival of the optical industry’s clearest non-glass lenses with superior impact-and scratch-resistance. New MauiPure™ lenses are the lightest lens in the Maui Jim portfolio and make their debut in April in a new line of three sunglasses designed for active lifestyles. The company has used the same material for contact lens, and because of how robust it is, the R&D departments are finding more and more use for it. After the release of the sunglasses, you can buy contact lenses online through the same website.

Coming from the world’s fastest growing manufacturer of premium polarized sunglasses, MauiPure offers crisp optics in a new lens that blends the optical brilliance of SuperThin glass with excellent scratch- and impactresistant properties. The hybrid, injection-molded, de-centered lenses are ultra-light with an ABBE value over 50. Maui Jim is renowned for its proprietary PolarizedPlus2® technology that affords superior eye protection from UV rays and glare. MauiPure lenses feature PolarizedPlus2 and bi-gradient mirrors to cut 99.9 percent of glare and block 100 percent of harmful UV rays. A distinguishing benefit of PolarizedPlus2 is the color enhancement that results from the use of three rare earth elements making your blues to be bluer, greens greener, and reds really pop.

“This is the perfect lens for people on the go,” said Linda Glassel, vice president of marketing at Maui Jim. “This is a light, comfortable lens that you could forget you’re wearing because it produces distortion-free, colorful views and packs all the protection you need for long days in the sun.” Sunglasses with MauiPure lenses arrive in stores in April in three new styles. Each 8-base rimless style features beta-titanium temples and adjustable Rabalon nose bridges for ultra-lightweight comfort. Each style comes in three colors: Black, Rootbeer & Copper or Translucent Grey. Three lens colors are available: Neutral Grey offers the highest level of light reduction for bright, sunny days; HCL® Bronze enhances contrast in variable conditions; and Maui HT® (High Transmission) is the lens for when most lenses would be too dark.

The MauiPure collection is covered by the company’s standard warranty. MauiPure is not available in prescription. Olowalu is the smallest style in the collection and features a rectangular lens. Mala has a slightly curved rectangular lens designed for average face sizes. Nakalele gives a nod to a rimless aviator in a larger style. Maui Jim Ambassador and surfing champion, Mary Osborne wears Mala. “I put a lot of miles on my sunglasses,” said Osborne. “These lenses are crystal clear and everything is crisp and sharp so I don’t miss seeing a thing whether I’m hanging out on the beach or wearing them on my board. Mala has become my go-to pair of sunglasses.”