Brossard Picks Are Sponsoring a $100 Giveaway to Celebrate the Return of the Abalone Series

Anyone that follows this blog knows I am a huge fan of Brossard Picks. Since reviewing these sonic monsters in this column, I have become a devotee. Brossard Picks give me rich clear tones and unsurpassed control with my picking. Since using them, I have actually noticed my picking becoming cleaner and more accurate (this is also due to a bit of right hand focus on my playing lately).

So you cannot imagine how psyched I was when I got an email from Brossard Picks announcing the return of their Abalone picks. Not only is the Abalone a durable material it is beautiful. I consider Brossard Picks functional art, and these Abalone picks are a masterpiece. Please take a look at some of their latest creations.

Brossard Picks are sponsoring a $100 Giveaway and discounting their entire inventory by 25%. This makes this a great time to buy your first Brossard Picks or like myself stock up a bit. Owner Chris Brossard is wondering which guitar magazine you think Brossard Picks should advertise with. Guitar World, Premier Guitar, Guitar Player or maybe Vintage Guitar. Simply email your vote to to be entered for the $100 giveaway, to get the 25% discount just enter “VOTE” at check out time.

Remember the Abalone Series are back with the Ebony Racer, it is a great time to get to the top shelf stuff. Also take the time to click LIKE on the “Brossard Picks Facebook Page” to find out who will get the $100 and get all discounts News before everyone.