Leif Garrett Still Alive at 50

I woke up (actually came to) this morning to the news” Beastie Boys Adam MCA Yauch Is Dead at 47″. This is heartbreaking. The Beastie Boys were amoung the biggest innovators of our generation. With the passing one of music’s biggest stars, I thought I would check in on one of music’s biggest hacks.

…and yes Leif Garrett is still alive, but it looks like he still isn’t working. When it comes to musical originality and innovation, Leif Garrett is the contrary. Leif’s biggest hits were The Beach Boy’s “Surfin USA”, Dion & The Belmonts “Runaround Sue: and Paul Anka’s – Put Your Head On My Shoulder. Leif is nothing but a heroin pumping glorified karaoke singer. Talent? I think not.

Leif Garrett’s only talent is making Danny Bonaduce and Todd Bridges look smart. Keeping in mind Danny Bonaduce got busted with cocaine while hosting a kid’s anti drug rally. Still Danny Bonaduce isn’t stupid enough to put heroin in his arm.

While Celebrity Rehab alumni Jeff Conaway and Mike Starr are pushing up daisies Leif keeps on keeping on. More power to you Leif. You fought for your right to party and lost big time.