Penthouse Pets Justine Joli, Heather Vandeven and Nikki Benz Compete on the Howard Stern Show (PICS)

After judging on America’s Got Talent last night, Howard Stern judged another type of talent contest on his radio show this morning: the Strongest Naked Woman contest. The contestants were all Penthouse Pets… Justine Jolie, Heather Vandeven and Nikki Benz. Each girl had to perform feats of athleticism and strength in order to win the coveted title.

The first feat was to hold up 8 pound dumbbells while riding the Sybian sex machine at full power. After a quick introductory interview, each girl hopped aboard and immediately started screaming. In the end, it was Justine Joli who withstood the powers of the Sybian the longest at 32 seconds.

The second test of strength was “cowbell sit-ups.” After each sit-up, the contestant had to ring a cowbell… that was hanging from Sal the Stockbroker’s “junk”. The girls were completely disgusted by the naked Sal.

For a better look at each contestant, click the thumbnail images below for the full-sized pic. Although each image is censored, they should not be considered safe for work:

Most of the images above are from from previous appearances by the girls on the Stern show.

In the end, it was Nikki Benz that emerged victorious and declared the winner of the Strongest Naked Woman contest.