Tony Hawk Jumps Over a $400K Lexus LFA With His Skateboad

To honor his May 12th birthday, our good friends over at Lexus let professional skateboarder Tony Hawk borrow the $400,000 LFA for the weekend. After enjoying all of the fun the Lexus LFA has to offer INSIDE the vehicle, what do you think the next thing Tony Hawk wanted to do with it? That’s right… ollie over it.

We had a chance to check out the Lexus LFA during Superbowl weekend earlier this year and we were afraid to breathe wrong near a $400K piece of machinery let alone jump over, or even near, one. I guess along with being Tony Hawk comes certain expectations. You can check out some video of our track run in the LFA with professional driver Scott Pruett on our YouTube page.

As for Mr. Hawk, you can see a clip of the jump below as well as the photo. Click the image to see it in HQ:

For more information on the LFA and the other stellar vehicles Lexus has to offer, check out and the Lexus YouTube channel at