Boobzie is Bringing Sexy Back, To Your Beer

Introducing the very sexy cousin of the familiar coozie, Boobzie™ — a witty and busty line of insulated can covers designed to get heads turning and tongues wagging. These beauties made their public debut yesterday via the Boobzie online store and will be expanding to a number of retailers later this year.

While perfect for bachelor parties, tailgating or as gag gifts, Boobzies serve as a practical, functional everyday item with great impulse appeal. Unlike many novelty gifts, these high-quality beverage covers can last for years, maintaining a much-needed function. Each coozie is produced from top-quality material using sublimation printing for more durable wear.

As a brand, Boobzie made its debut in 2011 when the HOA Restaurant Group, owner of the popular Hooters restaurant chain (, introduced the “Hooters Boobzie” concept to the restaurant’s 460 locations. Shortly thereafter, well-known retailer Marshall Retail Group ( commissioned an exclusive Boobzie for their Las Vegas souvenir stores. Far more appealing than the standard can cover — and a lot of fun to play with — both Boobzies proved to be top-sellers. Since being introduced, over 77,000 of these custom units have been sold, demonstrating the brand’s mass appeal.

Hot on the heels of success, the company patented their unique products and began to develop an entirely new line for themselves. The designs became euphemistically referred to as “the girls.” Each girl dons a snug shirt with a “quippy” slogan offering a bit about her, while an amusing backstory outlined on the web site shares the rest. Fourteen distinct and fun personalities make up the introductory line, on sale now.

While Boobzies are definitely light-hearted and fun, they also have a serious side. Joining the ranks of innovative organizations such as “Save the Ta-Ta’s” ( and “GotCancer?” (, where laughter serves to heal as well as inform, the company is already developing a specialty Boobzie designed to raise funds and awareness for breast cancer.

The Boobzie girls have a bad reputation for getting around, which will mean good news for the brand’s online store as well as any retailer who chooses to feature their line. Retail priced under $10 USD per girl, they will undoubtedly sell quickly. A Boobzie display makes for a great impulse purchase next to registers, or alongside a store’s beer inventory. Wherever they wind up, customers will surely want to get a firm grip on them.

For more information on the Boobzie product line, how to feature them in your store or to simply grab a few for your next get-together, visit Boobzie ( today.

About the Company offers an entire line of voluptuous insulated beverage covers guaranteed to bring a sense of fun to any get-together. In addition to their standard product line, Boobzie offers wholesale as well as customization opportunities. These offerings enable companies to feature a unique, entertaining and potentially custom-branded product for sale via online stores and/or as a promotional giveaway at special events.