Kristen Stewart Has A Major Wardrobe Malfunction (PICS)

Snow White and The Huntsman star and Twilight Breaking Dawn Actress Kristen Stewart suffered a major wardrobe malfunction on the red carpet. It seems the paparazzi were in perfect position to get a camera shot inside her plunging neckline. Not only did the photographer snap a massive side boob photo but also there is definitely nipple in the picture.

Now the fans have a preview of what they will see when Kristen Stewart washes out of Hollywood gets naked and starts doing soft-core porn on late night cable. We all know her horrible acting can in no way sustain her career. This is her first step to on her way to a nude photo shoot with Playboy. Maybe even hardcore XXX porn!

It is a bit early for the 16th minute of fame for Kristen Steward, that being said the intentional nip slip is one of the biggest cries for attention. We will know for sure if she is trying to jump-start her career if she is photographed getting out of a car with no panties next week.

Therefore, until we know for sure you can check out the uncensored Kristen Stewart side boob nipple shot here.