Maria Menounos Appears on the Howard Stern Show (Bikini PICS)

Howard Stern, fresh off of a week’s vacation, started his first day back with a bang as he had talk show hostess and Dancing with the Stars alum, Maria Menounos in the studio this morning. Oddly enough, she appeared with her boyfriend. The interview was nothing short of captivating as Howard (and her boyfriend) grilled her on everything from possible sex with her Dancing with the Stars partner to sex with her boyfriend.

Maria swore up and down that absolutely nothing happened sexually with her DWTS partner Derek Hough. Howard found it hard to believe that nothing at all happened noted that if his wife acted the way Maria did on camera with another guy, he would leave her. Maria’s husband wasn’t so sure nothing happened either, but kept saying he really didn’t want to know if it did.

With the boyfriend right there, Howard was able to delve into Maria’s “on-the-record” sex life. The biggest revelation was that she liked to be choked while she had an orgasm.

Since Maria was on the Stern show, there could not be a better time to re-introduce the most highly-trafficked article in TMRzoo history… the Maria Menounos bikini wardrobe malfunction. And no, it wasn’t a bikini top malfunction. See a censored preview pic below, but if you want the full monte, check out our original article by clicking the pic below.

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