Hell’s Kitchen Episode Recap: She Ate How Many Sheep Balls???

Last night on episode 4 of season 10 of Hell’s Kitchen, after Chef Ramsey woke the contestants up using everyone’s favorite alarm clock, dogs running around the dorm rooms, the teams had to assemble outside wearing overalls and boots. The first challenge of the day: chasing a herd of sheep around a pen and pulling bandanas from their necks.

Each sheep had an ingredient painted on their back. Every collar that was pulled, that team had to use that ingredient in their dish. The more ingredients, the better. The Red Team (women) got one more ingredient than the Blue Team (men).

Once in the kitchen and back in chef’s jackets, they were put in teams of two and set to cooking their dishes.

First up, lamb chops with Danielle and Tiffany against Don and Clemenza. This one was just too close to call so each team received a point.

Next up, grilled lamb. Kimmy went with the risky move of preparing a curry for the first time and it worked for her. The Red Team won the round.

Next is the Rack of Lamb, which Robyn and Barbie knew they took out of the oven too early but served anyway. At the time, Robyn tried to argue to keep it in longer, but ultimately caved to the pressure of the whole Red Team telling her to take it out. It cost them the point as the Blue Team’s Rack of Lamb was cooked perfectly.

Lastly, Dana and Christina’s lamb steak almost sways Ramsey, but ultimately, Royce and Brian’s marinated grilled lamb wins the point and the Blue Team win the challenge.

For winning the challenge, the guys were allowed to go to the horse races for the day. For losing, the women had the privilege of staying back at the farm and cleaning the paint off of the sheep. Then, as an added bonus, they got to each sheep balls for lunch.

As the teams were prepping for dinner service, Kimmie bragged about being able to each five sheep’s balls and slammed Danielle for not being able to stomach even one. Is this some kind of weird female bravado that up until now I was blissfully unaware of? I think I was better off not knowing.

Dinner service started off poorly for both teams. In the Red Kitchen, Danielle has a real problem with undercooked risotto, but they finally manage to overcome this and get enough appetizers out so they can start working on entrees.

Things aren’t much better in the Blue Kitchen where they did pretty well on appetizers, but Brian can’t cook cod to save his life. He either undercooked or burned every piece of cod they had, and quickly ran out of fish. Ramsey substituted sea bass for cod and Don for Brian, as he kicked Brian out of the Kitchen. Now it was up to Justin to correctly cook the fish. Justin somehow managed to pretend he was an actual cook and did so.

Back in the Red Kitchen, Roshni seemed to have the same problem preparing Beef Wellington. Everyone she served up was undercooked. Ramsey quickly sent her packing as well. Danielle took over her meat station.

In the Blue Kitchen, Don prepared a couple of near perfect Wellingtons, but then could not get the timing right on the next couple of steaks, throwing the timing off for the rest of the team. Back to the dorm for Don.

After that, the next four chefs? only had to breathe wrong for Ramsey to toss their asses too. After a few minutes there were only four chefs? left on the Blue Team and five remaining on the Red Team. However, even with those dwindled numbers, they finished dinner service.

After service, Ramsey re-assembled both teams and informed them that neither team had won and they both had to present him with nominees for him to choose someone to send home.

The guys nominated Don and Brian, while the women selected Roshni and Danielle. All obvious choices. Ramsey sent home Don, a very good choice. He also sent Roshni to the Blue Team to see if she can do anything useful over there.