The Vinturi Turns a $12 Bottle of Supermarket Wine into a $30 Masterpiece

One of the biggest challenges of beginning the journey of becoming a wine connoisseur is the cost. As we all know bottles of wine can vary from a few dollars to a few hundred thousand dollars. While most of us are not in the position to plunk down $304,375 for a bottle of 1947 Château Cheval Blanc, even $30 – $40 dollars can seem like a lot for a bottle of wine you are just not sure you will like.

There are many great tasting budget bottles of wine but they have their problems. They sometime lack in the powerful esters and flavors the more expensive bottles have. One way to make these aromas and flavors more pronounced it to use a decanter.

A decanter removes the sediment from the wine and allows it to aerate or to “breathe”. This process also removes the tannins or potential wine faults. The nice thing about decanting your wine is, your budget $12 dollar of wine now has the characteristics of a bottle twice it’s cost.

So you can now buy a Riedel Decanter for a few hundred dollars to save your $12 dollar of wine or you can buy a Vinturi. The Vinturi is a smartly designed aerator that not only introduces air into your vintage but also removes the tannins.

This sci-fi looking device also allows the drinker to aerate by the glassful. Simply hold the aerator above the glass or place it in the elegant Red Wine Tower which can be purchased separately. The wine passes through the Vinturi, first through a fine mesh screen to remove tannins or potential wine faults. As the wine passes further through the Vinturi air holes pull in air to open up the wine and release the aromas.

We used the Vinturi over the past few weeks, keeping a direct pour from the bottle each time for a control. Everytime and with every style of red the difference was amazing. We noticed what appeared to be fruit aromas in one Australian Cabernet Sauvignon. After a pass through the Vinture the esters were clearly pronounced as blackberries. The mouthfeel of the wine also became much smoother.

With a modest purchase price of $39.99 the Vinturi is a smart investment for the novice or the sommelier. The Vinturi also make a great original gift. You can pick up your own aerator at