NFL Draft Contest: Fletcher Cox and Philadelphia Eagles Agree on 4-Year Deal

The speed in which the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft class are signing has stepped up a bit as 17 of the first 32 picks have agreed to terms with the teams that selected them. The latest first round draft pick to sign is Fletcher Cox, the defensive tackle from Mississippi State, and the 12th overall pick via the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Eagles expect the big Cox to make an immediate impact and use his size to penetrate deep and fill up the gaps. He will most likely play alongside Antonio Dixon on the second line, so expect to see the Dixon-Cox combination filling up multiple holes.

With more than half of the 2012 first round NFL draft picks being signed, it won’t be long before our First Picked/Last Signed contest will come to an end. Fletcher Cox is now officially a wrong answer in the contest. To be eligible to win the contest, you just need to guess the player selected in the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft who will be the very last to sign a contract with the team that selected him. You can enter every day until there is one draft pick left unsigned.

The contest will run until all but one players are signed, and that appears to be happening pretty quickly, so get your picks in now. For more information and details, visit the official contest entry page.

The most popular pick so far has been Andrew Luck, the first overall pick and heir apparent to the Peyton Manning dynasty in Indianapolis. 18.5% of entrants are picking Luck to be the final 2012 draft pick signed. Not far behind him is the #2 overall pick, Robert Griffin III (RG3) at 11%. The rest of the field is pretty even.

Get your picks in now!