Kate Upton Wet Tee Shirt Video

The latest Kate Upton video to hit the interwebs speaks to Kate’s talents. The video from GQ shows the bikini clad Kate Upton in a Baywatch like scene and touts her skills as a lifeguard. We all know if this were true, there would be hoards of men lying on the beach like stranded dolphins waiting to receive mouth-to-mouth. Or mouth-to-whatever was possible.

The clip goes on to show Kate skateboarding using the new Onewheel GT. She is no Tony Hawk, and we are very happy she is not. Kate also shows off her talents shooting hoops. There is no doubt that the bikini beauty would go first in tonight’s NBA draft.  Kate Upton knows how to handle big balls.

The video also show the internet honey on a carnival ride. There is a moment where she has a wardrobe malfunction and a nip slip is imminent. Thought the nipple does not expose itself. It appears later.

Kate Upton’s final skill is as a “Wet Tee Shirt Champion:’ and the blonde bombshell is wearing a totally see-through white tee. This is the closest we have seen her to actually being nude. Kate Upton has done tasteful naked shoots but everything is always covered. Not in this case, Enjoy.

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