Independence Day Deals From Brossard Picks

I just got this email from my buddy Chris Brossard from Brossard Picks. Anyone who follows this blog knows I absolutely love Brossard Picks. 99.9% of the time a Brossard Pick is the pick of choice in my hand.

You can check out some of our past reviews and accolades of these functional works of art here. Below is the latest offering from Brossard Picks. Try them once and you will never use another pick again.

Happy to introduce our Groovy set of Bone Ebony and Horn including a Key Chain Pocket.Total value of $29.80 for only $19.95 and use “Happy 4th Deals” redeemer to get an extra 20% off as well as on the entire store and up to 65% on select items from the “SALES” page. Thank you for supporting the values of old fashioned craftsmanship “Handmade in the USA”.

Chris Brossard Picksmith/Owner