Gadget Review: The FoxLv2 Personal Professional Loudspeaker – This is Rocket Science

I recently was shipped the foxLv2 Personal Professional Loudspeaker for review. My first impression upon seeing this unit was “ok it is small and compact, cute – but how does this sound”. I imagined the foxLv2 would sound like a quality computer speaker and nothing more. I could not have been more wrong. This little powerhouse is a mere 5.6 x 2.2 x 1.4 inches and kicks out 4 watts of power. This is a very efficient 4 watts because the foxLv2 easily fills a room with music. The tiny unit has two “Twoofers” that produce crystal highs and realistic thumping bass.

The first test I put the foxLv2 through was using it with my Motorola Droid 4. The Droid and the foxLv2 found each outer via Bluetooth with no effort on my part. I simply needed to push play on my music library and I was in business. Even with the phone 10 to 20 feet way from the foxLv2 the music was clear and loud. In wondering how the foxLv2 would perform with other audio apps on the phone I fired up the mobile Netflix app. This is amazing I am getting home theater quality audio and HD video from two devices that fit in my pocket.

The foxLv2 gives the user 8 hours of house rocking Bluetooth performance, with an audio cable I found myself getting 2+ days of use in the office with my old school iPod nano. If you want to shake the house loose from its foundation the FoxL has an output to connect a sub-woofer.

What initially drew me to this device was how Guns N’ Roses Guitarist Richard Fortus and shred guitar goddess The Great Kat were using the foxLv2 as a portable guitar amp. I plugged my Gibson Les Paul Traditional through the foxLv2 via my Vox Amplug Metal headphone amp. The tone and response was as if I was playing through a Marshall JCM 800 stack. The sound is loud and powerful with beautiful harmonics and perfect articulation. The fun part of this is I am able to place the foxLv2 in my pocket and stroll around my backyard shreding away. This is a great practice amp option that fits neatly in my gigbag and gives me total freedom from AC power.

This is a best of breed gadget for the musician, audiophile, or movie fan that wants quality audio at home or on the run. The FoxL even comes with a built in noice-canceling microphone for the business user for wireless speaker phone/conferencing.

If you are reading this saying to yourself this is not rocket science the foxLv2 is just another portable speaker keep this in mind. Soundmatters International, Inc. the maker of the foxLv2 was founded by physicist, former NASA engineer, and audio design legend Dr. Godehard Guenther.

The foxLv2 has a street price of $199 a more than reasonable price for such a quality and versatile piece of audio equipment. The foxLv2 comes with an impressive accessory kit that includes AC adapter, USB cable, 3.5mm audio cable, travel pouch and anti-slip acoustic mat. Bike mount kits, car mount kits and Soundmatters UKpro10 Mini Travel Trunk are also available accessory upgrades. The foxLv2 Bluetooth is available immediately through major online retailers, including Crutchfield,, and more.