NFL Draft Contest Update: Robert Griffin III, RG3, Signs Four-Year Deal With Washington Redskins

One of the most popular entries in our “First Picked/Last Signed” contest is officially a wrong answer. Robert Griffin III, otherwise known as RG3, has officially signed with the Washington Redskins. The deal is reportedly four years for $21,119,098 with every cent of it guaranteed.

Reports earlier in the week were that RG3 had already agreed to the contract amount, but was not moving forward due to the offset language the Washington Redskins had thrown into the contract. It appears that the Redskins have backed off of that contract stipulation. Let’s face it, the team would have bigger problems to face if they were to release RG3 prior to the end of his contract.

With RG3 signing, we can only assume first overall pick in 2012 NFL draft Andrew Luck will be soon to follow. After the top two names in the first round agree, I can’t image the remaining unsigned draft picks will be unsigned for long. And that means our “First Picked/Last Signed” contest may be coming to a quick close…

To be eligible to win the contest, you just need to guess the player selected in the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft who will be the very last to sign a contract with the team that selected him. You can enter every day until there is one draft pick left unsigned.

The contest will run until all but one players are signed, and that appears to be happening pretty quickly, so get your picks in now. For more information and details, visit the official contest entry page.