Spanish Women Wear More Sexy Underwear Than Any Other Country

New International Survey Reveals Young People’s Attitudes to Undies & Sex Bjorn Borg has conducted an international survey across Europe, USA and China to find out young people’s (18-30s) approach to wearing sexy underwear.

What is sexy underwear? Unsurprisingly, the concept of sexy underwear changes from a male or female perspective, with women considering romantic lingerie sexy, while men think naughty and flirty undies are the sexiest.

As it turns out, plain and simple underwear is only preferred by Swedes and Germans. This is particularly true for German women, who prefer their underwear to be plain, a stark contrast against Spanish women, who want their lingerie to be flirty and naughty.
Who uses sexy underwear?

On average, over three quarters of interviewees across all countries surveyed claim to wear sexy underwear, with Spanish women in the lead, at 99%, compared to a much meeker 79% in China.

Optimism on a date: Despite a rather high 76% of all interviewees claiming to wear sexy underwear on a date, not all nationalities seem to behave the same way. The glass is half full for a staggering 95% of our French friends who wear sexy underwear on a date, likewise for 79% of the Americans. The Chinese and Brits like to keep their feet on the ground and not get carried away, with only 18% and 39% of them respectively wearing sexy underwear on a dinner date. On the topic, the Swedes and Dutch sit on the fence scoring an average 74%.

Sexy underwear – for the love of whom? Where 54% of Italians and 56% of French wear sexy underwear mostly to please their partners, 55% of English and 67% of Chinese interviewees like wearing fetching undies to feel more confident and good about themselves.
About the survey

The survey was conducted by the market research firm Xtreme Nordic for Bjorn Borg and the interviews were conducted Spring 2012 in Sweden, England, USA, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Holland and China. In total 1713 interviews were conducted, with participants between 18 and 30 years of age.