Pornstar Alexis Ford Is Fondled By Fans on the Howard Stern Show (PICS)

Porn Star and former Miss Howard TV Alexis Ford visited the Howard Stern Radio Show studio this morning. Alexis was in to play the Alexis Ford plug game, where she had to answer questions correctly in order to win “plugs”. If she answered any questions incorrectly, there were three fans standing by who could grope her in any way they wished.

Alexis Ford certainly doesn’t need any plugs here at the Zoo. We’ve covered her Howard Stern events plenty, whether it was her initial Miss Howard TV bikini gallery or her smokin’ hot birthday party at Rick’s Cabaret in NYC featuring some of her porn star friends.

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As for the game, Alexis Ford got the first question wrong, saying the North star was the closest star to our planet because the sun is really a planet. Kevin won the first grope and went right for the boobs, then the ass, then had to be called off by Howard. Alexis didn’t seem too pleased with the claminess of his hands.

Alexis then was able to answer the next two questions correctly and was able to give her plugs, but then was not able to say what “venison” was, claiming it was a city in Italy. In the end, all three guys had a chance to fondle Alexis and she still was able to give plenty of plugs for her site and other exploits. A win-win for everyone involved.

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