Kelsey Gets Howard Stern and Rachel Fine Advice About Breast Reduction (Bikini Top Pic)

This morning on the Howard Stern Radio Show, a young lady going by the name Kelsey stopped by the studio to ask Howard’s advice on whether or not she should get her breasts reduced. Knowing Howard Stern, what advice do you think he gave her? that’s right, Howard pretty much forbade her from decreasing her bra size.

Kelsey’s biggest complaint was about clothes not fitting properly. That prompted the host of “Fine Time”, Rachel Fine to call in and add her two cents. Howard and other show staffers described Rachel fine as having a similar bust size as Kelsey. Rachel’s advice was to just buy the size clothes that her boobs fit in and to have the waist altered to fit. That sounds like sound hot chick advice to me.

Below are a few shots of Kelcey that were taken by the Howard Stern show staff this morning… as well as a Rachel Fine goodie. click the thumbnail to see the full-sized image.

The last Rachel Fine image is an animated gif… make sure you see the full benefit.

EDIT: We’ve added two new pics from… the censored topless pic and the full body bikini top/school girl skirt in the bottom row.

It sounded like Kelsey was going to take the great advice Howard and Rachel gave her and not the advice of the guys telling her to get her breasts reduced… who Howard described as having an alternate lifestyle.

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