Artie Lange Update: Artie is Suspended by DirecTV for Peeing in the Studio, On the Air

Ut oh. We’ve been down this road before and it didn’t end too pretty. Less than a month after he was arrested in Paris during a very public breakup with his girlfriend, Artie Lange has been suspended from his radio show on DirecTV. The suspension was a result of Artie Lange pissing in the studio while they were broadcasting.

Artie Lange was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes (shocker) and has to pee constantly. He reached a point where he couldn’t hold it any longer so he peed in a bucket in the studio so he wouldn’t have to leave the mic. Apparently his accuracy was lacking and he missed and hit the wall.

Instead of taking care of his own business, Artie demanded that “the twins” (a pair of assistants) clean the mess up. They refused, but someone else eventually had to clean up the disgusting deed.

The suspension is for two shows and Artie responded to the suspension via Twitter:

Direct Tv has suspended me from the N&A show for the next 2 nights. They won’t tell me fully why. Can’t continue w them. Sorry guys. Luv u.

Sounds like another gig coming to a screeching halt for Mr. Artie Lange. His career on the “sweetest gig ever”, the Howard Stern Show, ended when Artie attempted suicide in December 2009.

I’m sure there will be many more updates to follow…